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Mediumship & Spirit Art

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is a gift that comes with much responsibility and it should NOT be taken lightly or as an act of entertainment.   The term Medium refers to a person with a psychic ability to produce phenomena of a mental or physical nature by "communicating"with a spiritual entity. Mediumship involves cooperative communication between a human and one or more discarnate, spirit personalities.  As such,  mediumship becomes the bridge between the Earthly realm and the spirit realm.  The medium connects with the spirit of your friends and family who have crossed over.  The medium will bring evidence in order to "paint" the person back to life.  Bobby will describe not only the factual details but also bring their personality and character.  All this is done to bring the love that never dies from the spirit world.   Hopefully this experience of your loved one brings the sitter healing and comfort.


What is Spirit Art?

 Spirit Portraits are drawn without the use of photographs and without any prior knowledge of your departed loved-ones or their physical characteristics. It is a mediumistic impression obtained by the medium/artist, as such it may contain a likeness, however, most times it is the essence of your loved one, a quality or resemblance. It may be the communicator the medium is bringing through or it may be someone else (usually connected to that communicator). Sometimes the spirit world will create the image of a live person, in an effort to show that they are still around and “see” the people they knew and loved. 


Mediumship Readings :

Approx. 30 Minutes - $75

Approx. One Hour - $140

Spirit Art Approx. 45 Minutes - $140

$20 Nonrefundable Deposit 

Required to Book an Appointment

Available for Parties :

Starting at $130 Per Hour


Original Art Work

Bobby is a trained artist having attended School of Visual Arts and FIT in New York City.

He works in  an array of media - from watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Bobby can create a  custom piece of art for you . 

Sizes and details can be discussed as well as pricing.



Alyse R.

★★★★★  Review on Google (The Sacred Spirit)  ... Bobby's tarot/mediumship readings are spot on; I have never been disappointed with any information he has provided.  On one occasion he brought through both my daughter and father (both in spirit), giving me messages of love and peace.  I felt so much better knowing they were alright.  He also does spirit art which I witnessed on a few occassions during demonstrations, where he draws the person in spirit and it's them!  If you want to see extraordinary, go for one of those readings!

I highly recommend you visit him for your spiritual needs...

Maria Esquivel

Client testimonial. I am a person that usually don't search for contact any loved one who is in the other side but they always have a plan for me.  And the choice was Bobby to be the one to transfer their messages.  And I was stunned when i saw my mother's face in a drawing and receive my grandmother's messages.  He is a gifted person and honest.   

Francine Caballero

Client Testimonial.  My first reading with Bobby was at a Spiritualist Church service.  He was doing mediumship from the podium and he came to me as he brought through my mother and grandmother.  He was very specific and even brought up her postcard collection.  Bobby described my relationship with my mom and how she viewed her life.  He brought so much emotional information and closure that I really needed.  I have since booked other mediumship readings with him as well as a tarot reading.  He is always accurate and detailed but what impresses me is the gentle approach in which he delivers the information.  

Amelia Buckman

Client Testimonial.   I recently walked into The Sacred Spirit shop and without an appointment or any knowledge of me.  Bobby gave me a reading where he brought through my husband. Tears ran down my face as Bobby described his last days. He said my husband thanked me from the bottom of his heart and soul. How much what she i meant to him  and much he loved me. He gave other evidence but what struck me was he said we will be together again and there will be fireworks.  This was so significant because my husband and I were married on the 4th of July.  I was amazed.  I have referred many people to him because I feel he is very authentic.

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