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Bobby offers a full array of Services

All of which may be done in-person or by phone.

Please see details on the following pages:

  • Spiritual Healing: Reiki & Crystal Healing
  • Tarot Reading /  Psychic Reading 
  • Spirit Art & Auragraph Readings
  • Mediumship Reading

Tarot / Psychic Reading:  $65 - 30 min.  / hour - $110.

Spirit Art Session: $100.

Reiki Healing Session: $80 one hour.

Crystal Healing Session: $90 one hour.



 Bobby Kitsios is a student of the Journey Within Ministry Program, studying to become a Spiritualist Minister. His journey of Spirit, as a healer, began over 12 years ago. Reiki certified, he continued his healing path studying in the Lilydale Assembly and volunteering in its Healing Temple. As an empath and clairsentient, messages and psychic impressions began to emerge during his healing sessions. Turning his attention to the development of his psychic gifts, he studied Tarot Reading with Nancy D’Erasmo in Long Island and continued to study in Lilydale under the tutelage of John White. 

Four years ago, Bobby began his path towards mediumship, studying at the Journey Within under Janet Nohavec. He has since studied with renowned mediums from across the world, Caroline Molnar from Canada, John Holland and British mediums Lisa Williams, Collin Bates and Mavis Pattilla. Bobby is in the processes of learning Spirit Art and Auragraphs from Joseph Shiel and Stella Upton. He currently reads for clients throughout the country and for private parties. Bobby teaches the Wednesday night Beginners Psychic Mediumship Development Class (from 7-9pm weekly) . 

Bobby strives to bring the healing in whatever modality he uses and aide others on their life path. He has been to the prestigious Arthur Finley College of Mediumship in Stanstead England numerous times and worked with John Johnson, Bill Tompson, Brian Roberts and Simon James. 

Bobby has been published in the Spiritualist National Summit Magazine and the Natural Awakenings.  

Bobby has done public demonstrations of mediumship for church services, private and charity events.  He has worked professionally in Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp, teaching, demonstrating and conducting private sittings. 

You can expect a professional reading focused on healing and guidance. There is no judgment within the reading. You will receive information with sensitivity and caring. It may not be what you want to hear but it will always be a healing experience offering you the guidance to move forward in life.



You can expect a professional reading focused on healing and guidance.  There is no judgment within the reading.  You will receive information with sensitivity and caring.  It may not be what you want to hear but it will always be a healing experience offering you the guidance to move forward in life.  

These types of readings help with your daily concerns: 

Career, Love, Marriage, Family Dynamics, Spiritual Path and Retirement


A healthy dose of skepticism is good, however, the more open and receptive you are the better experience you will have.  It is a collaboration between you and I (and the spirit world).

Be on time and ready with a few questions to begin with or specify a focus for your reading. Your focus may be current life issues of love, health or work for example, or to connect with loved ones on the spirit side but once we begin, please allow for Spirit to guide the reading and the process.  A message that seems unimportant at the time of the reading will often have major significance in the future – Please keep an open mind and hold on to it!


**It is VERY COMMON that some information that comes through in the reading may not makes sense to you at the time of the reading. Please DO NOT dismiss the information as wrong, you will do yourself a huge disservice if you do. This is precisely why you are encouraged to record the session.   I urge you to listen to the reading again, even if a few times if you need too. I receive countless emails weekly from people who validated information in a reading, after the reading. Many times skeptical people will wonder if I am a “mind reader” and not really connecting with people who are passed. Spirits have a great way of dismissing that by bringing through information that you have no knowledge of at the time of the reading, but later find out to be accurate. They will very often bring through events or signs to you that are going to be made visible to you in the future. This provides great validation to you that the whole experience was real and more importantly that I was really connecting with your loved one. 

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